Bridge to Bridge 2015 – Report

image1.JPG b2b u12 winnersIMG_5498BRIDGE TO BRIDGE 2015

On Sunday 4TH October the annual BASC Bridge to Bridge event took place. This event has been on the local swimming calendar for many years and attracts swimmers from far afield plus swimmers from all the local teams.

The organization of the event by our own Famous Four – Jean Hiatt, Brian Brooks, Brian Leadbeater and David Hutton – is a major task with months of hard work and dedication culminating in the day long event at the Meadowside Leisure Centre in Burton. The race is over 60 lengths, being the 1500m distance between the two bridges in the town.

Without this big fundraising day we would not have the club which we all take great pride in – and all on the Committee are very thankful to the 4 for making this event so special in our annual calendar.

This year the club again had c100 swims to its name and it was great to see so many of our younger kids teaming up in relays, and some of the older kids doing relays and individual races.

Burton raised the bar performance wise and came home with winners in the sections shown below – plus our age 10 relay team set a new B2B record time in a very exciting mid afternoon heat.

This event gives great exposure to the youngest of swimmers and we hope as a club to continue to grow the number of BASC entrants in the years to come – so get the date in your diary for next year guys

Our results are listed below but all entrants received a medal and the club was very proud of them all for having a go.

Individual Results for BASC linked swimmers

Age 12-15

Matthew Gates – Boys Winner   (21:34:49)

Jacob Fowkes – (30.17.08)

Annabelle Joseph – Girls Winner – (25.46.99)

Age 16-19

Rhys Owen – Boys Winner – (22.06.52)

Older Age Groups

Mark Brooks – Winner – (21:22:26)
Phil Peake – (22:35:61)
Ian Gates – (25:06:20)
Simon Ward – (25:14:53)
Brian Brooks – (27:49:24)
Mary Bonner – Winner – (27:53:00)
Martin Brown – (28:34:05)
Sam Owen – (29:53:54)
Andrew Tyas – (32:55:46)
Jean Hiatt – (35:23:83)

Team Results

Age 10 and Under

Katie Spooner/Katie Reilly/Noah O’Brien/Aidan Joubert and Sophie Fowkes – Winners and Record Time – (20:17:84)
Magic Mermaids Team – (34:14:08)

Age 12 and Under

Imeh Tyas / Emma Preston / Emma Brown and Jack Ward – Winners – (19:35:57)
Daisy Haynes/Aimee Powell/Niamh Holden/Katie Spooner and Sophie Fowkes – (22:18:00)
Rosie Bolton/Lily Bolton/Ella Cooper and Kaliyah Hudson – (25:14:00)

Age 14 and Under

Hayley Brightman/Alice Preston/Kirsty Lambley and Laura Southerd – (19:03:50)
George Greener / Finlay Bell / Ben Crockett and Jacob Fowkes – (21:09:89)
Eve Sandel/Holly Bonner and Imogen Hill – (23:40:56)

Age 16 and Under

The 3 Beresford Girls plus A. Harvey and Issy Stanley – (25:42:53)

Open Teams

Ian Gates / Simon Ward / Matthew Gates and Jack Ward – (18:27:49)
Samantha Milliere and ESBC lifeguards – (21:47:43)
Emma, Sam, Suzanne, Bev, Annette and Jane – (31:10:76)

Family Teams

Team Reilly – including Katie and Emma – Winners – (20:16:38)
Team Stevens – including Will, George and Pete – (24:11:49)
Team Stimpson – including Aimee, Phil and Jo – (24:30:00)
Team Owen – including Sam and Rhys – (25:19:14)
Team Cotton – including Hayden, Maddie and Dave – (31:23:76)
Team Hill – including twins Imogen and Sophia plus mum!!!!!

This event day itself was only possible due to the dedication of parents and friends to cover the shop ( Jane, Sam, Emma and Suzanne), – Bev for all the certificates – David , Brian and Marina on the table – Leady for starting the heats and the many timekeepers ( Annette / Martin / / Simon / Ian / Immy / Sam / Emma /Mary / Louise / Suzanne / Phil to name a few plus Rob/Craig who did the whole day!!!) – if I missed anyone then sorry – but with their help plus many friends and other swimmers taking a turn we got through to finish a very long day on time

Great Day for the club!!!!

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