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Where can I find my race results?

Depending on which competition you are attending, you can usually find your results on the hosting clubs website.  Following the meet, your recorded times are submitted to Swim England.

You can find your recorded times under ‘Swim England Individual Best Times’ by either entering your Swim England number or your family name to search.

Swim England Individual Best Times link.

Where can I find my Swim England rankings?

Swimmers times can be checked against the Swim England Rankings database.  You can view your ranking for individual events either at a national, regional or county level.

This database records all the swimmers times swum at licensed events.

To gain entry to Staffordshire County and Midlands Championships times must have been swum at a licensed gala.

Swim England Event Rankings (Last 12 months)

How do I convert my short course times to long course?

Any PB swum in a 25m pool can be converted to a 50m pool time using the link above and using ‘Swim England Tables’ as the conversion method.  

You may also wish to use this link below to convert from 50m to 25m.

SC/LC Conversion Link