Membership Fees – Effective 1st January 2017

Swimming Squad Fees.

Membership fees are calculated annually and split into 12 monthly payments due on the 1st of the month by standing order.

Please use the clubs account details, obtainable from the membership secretary, to pay by internet banking.  If you don’t use internet banking please request our account details and take them into your bank and they will set up payment for you or you can find the downloadable standing order form available here, which also contains the internet banking details.   Use your swimmers name as a reference so that we can recognise your payment on our bank statements.

SquadMonthly Fee
Stage 4, 5, 6£19.00
Stage 7£29.50
Stage 8£29.50
Stage 9, 10£33.50
Senior Section£36.00
Family Membership *£85.00
Master Section£21.00

* Family Membership: This is for a family whose individual fees equate to more than this amount, families are then offered the lower fee.

ASA Membership fees.

ASA Membership fees are payable annually by the 31st January.  This fee registers you with the ASA and covers you on their insurance policy.  ASA registration forms are obtainable from our documents and forms section on the website and must be returned completed to the membership secretary.


Category 1: For swimmers not taking part in any discipline in open competitions.

Category 2: For swimmers taking part in any discipline in open competitions.

Category 3: For members of any age who are not categories 1 or 2 including but not limited to any persons who have voting rights in their club by virtue of being a parent of, or a person with parental responsibility for, a member in categories 1 or 2; administrators; associate members; coaches; helpers; honorary members; life members; officers; qualified officials of any discipline; patrons; teachers; temporary members; vice-presidents and verifiers or tutors of the association’s educational certificates.

Leaving the club.

Members wishing to resign should do so by sending an email to the membership secretary.  Confirmation of registration will be acknowledged.  Training fees will continue to be due until confirmation of resignation is received.

On leaving the club a swimmer/parent is responsible for cancelling their swimming squad fee standing order by informing their bank either personally or by internet banking.  Please note the club is not able to do this for you.