Braunstone Diddy League Friendly 2020 : Times & Report

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Diddy Trophy Gala

Braunstone Leisure Centre, Braunstone, 22nd February 2020

A team consisting of very young swimmers – some making debuts – and a few more swimming in a rare gala gave us a novice team for the annual journey to Braunstone. The superb 8 lane pool and electronic timing would make most kids nervous…………..all we had was smiles and the best kids in the gala in terms of team spirit. They all cheered each other on – we won loudest team of the night – and while parents arrived with understandable nerves they all left at 8.30 with pride in what the young team achieved.

Debuts (excluding BASC hosted gala) went to Ava Fisher, Belle Gillard, Noah Robb and Jalal Mahmood.

Captains for the nights were Oliver Mitchell and Lana Clamp.

The gala is designed to encourage clubs to let kids get a swim in a gala environment – therefore the ‘speeding ticket’ system was in place to stop rewarding clubs swimming kids with experience. Some clubs adopted the league approach of faster kids getting individual races – all our kids got at least 2 races and it was a total team effort on the night – the faster kids selected for relays or a different stroke to what they normally swim for the club

The teams on show included the hosts Braunstone, Swadlincote, Neptune A, Coalville, Hinckley and  Burton – from the start it was clear Braunstone had no intention of letting the title leave without a fight.  The lead swapped hands numerous times during the initial races and was a great advert for swimming.

15 First Places:  – after speeding ticket adjustments

Chloe Clamp – 25m breast

Lillie Hambleton, Sienna Moss, Orla Leyland and Josephine Brutton – free relay

Lana Clamp, Bella Richards, Olivia Standley and Freya Smith – free relay

Edward Williams, Edward Frost, Oliver Nightingale and Jalal Mahmood – medley relay

Lillie Hambleton, Orla Leyland, Josephine Brutton and Chloe Clamp – medley relay

Bella Richards, Olivia Standley, Lana Clamp and Emily Copley – medley relay

Josh Cooper, Jonny Stimpson, Oli Mitchell and James Williams – medley relay

Rebecca Pardoe – 25m free

Oliver Nightingale – 25m free

Sienna Moss – 25m back

Edward Frost – 25m back

Orla Leyland – 25m free

Noah Robb – 25m free

Maddie Smith, Jess Ulyett, Sienna Moss, Chloe Clamp, Lillie Hambleton and Lana Clamp – breast relay

Edward Frost, Thomas Hollis, Joe Mills, Oli Mitchell, Josh Cooper and Jonny Stimpson – breast relay

12 Second Places:

Rebecca Pardoe – 25m back

Olivia Standley – 25m free

Oli Mitchell – 25m free

Thomas Hollis, Edward Williams, Jalal Mahmood and Jack Thomas – free relay

Oli Mitchell, Josh Cooper, James Williams and Jonny Stimpson – free relay

Maddie Smith – 25m breast

Jess Ulyett – 25m free

Daniel Clamp – 25m free

Emily Copley – 25m back

Olivia Standley – 25m breast

Oli Mitchell – 25m breast


5 Third Places:

Edward Frost – 25m breast

Jess Ulyett, Belle Gillard, Rebecca Pardoe and Ava Fisher – free relay

Belle Gillard, Maddie Smith, Jess Ulyett and Ava Fisher – medley relay

Alek Tutt, Joe Mills, Daniel Clamp and Noah Robb – medley relay

Jack Thomas – 25m free

Result after 39 races was:-

Position Team Points 
1 Burton 189
2 Braunstone 146
3 Coalville 142
4 Swadlincote  127
5 Neptune A 111
6 Hinckley 75

A very pleasing gala win for the Diddy Squad was gained –but key was loads of experience gained and smiles . A HUGE NUMBER OF PB TIMES.


–    JOINT STAR SWIMMERSNoah Robb and Oliver Nightingale – both won races and swam great new PB times.

–      JOINT STAR RACEBreast cannon team of Maddie, Jess, Sienna, Chloe, Lillie and Lana – huge margin of victory.

Huge thank you to all new parents for letting the kids have a go – massive thanks to Jo Stimpson and Brian Newbold  for coaching the team  – Wayne Ulyett, Paul Smith and Rachel Copley for looking after the kids and sending them to the  right races – and to Jason Cooper , Phil Richards and Colin Clamp for timing – And HUGE thank you to Helen Williams  for attending as our required official.

Well done everyone!!!!

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