Autumn League 2018 – Round 2 : Times & Report

Braunstone Leisure Centre, Leicester, 13th October 2018

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On the 10th November the 2018 Autumn league continued with an away draw at the 8 lane Braunstone Leisure Centre. The format of this league is similar to all Leicester Leagues in that the 25-30 clubs are split into a random open draw at round 1 with limited seeding– then you are seeded for round 2 to try and keep apart the top seeds from round 1 – with points earned from the first two round determining what level final you arrive in come December.

Last year the club had made the major final for the second consecutive year. This year we took a huge step forward as a club and moved to fielding a second competitive team for the first time in our history. In round 1 we had been amazed to see the B team come 3rd while our A team had won the gala.

The draw appeared to put Penguins (a team we had never beaten) and Burton A as the favourites for taking the first place – both having made the final the last 2 years – in addition to Coalville B, Burton B, Rushden B, Neptune B and Oadby. There are 4 age groupings all at age at the 31/12/18 – being age 10, 12, 14 and over 14 (open).

With all Leicester League formats the rules are simple – you cannot swim in round 3 if you have not swam in an earlier round. Races for age 10 are 25m, age 12 are 50m and the older age groups are mainly 100m.

Going into the first race we had a new team motto – TWO LANES BUT ONE CLUB – and the kids all cheered on friends in either lane throughout what was one of the equal of round 1 – claiming the venue as a second home due to the noise.

24 First Places:

Bella Smith, Bella Richards, Lana Clamp and Jaina Muogbo – age 10 free relay
Dylan Mitchell, Josh Cooper, Dylan Campbell and Lucas Joubert – age 10 free relay
Matthew Appelbee, George Greener, Tom Mitchell and George Preston – age 14 free relay
Harrison Jones, Oliver Frost, Jed Bavester and James Copley – age 12 free relay
Jaina Muogbo – age 10 back 25m
Dylan Mitchell – age 10 back 25m
Tom Mitchell – age 14 breast 100m
Ella Cooper – age 12 fly 50m
Harrison Jones – age 12 fly 50m
Matthew Appelbee – age 14 fly 50m
Harrison Jones – age 12 free 50m
Lana Clamp – age 10 fly 25m
Ella Cooper – age 14 free 100m
George Greener – age 14 free 100m
Oliver Frost – age 12 back 50m
Jaina Muogbo – age 10 free 25m
George Greener – age 14 back 100m
Ella Cooper – age 12 breast 50m
Sam Hickinbottom – open fly 100m
Jaina Muogbo, Bella Smith, Lana Clamp and Bella Richards – age 10 medley
Dylan Mitchell, Jonny Stimpson, Dylan Campbell and Josh Cooper – age 10 medley
George Greener, Tom Mitchell, Matthew Appelbee and George Preston – age 14 medley
Harrison Jones, Max Sandle, Jed Bavester and James Copley – age 12 medley
Jack Ward, Adam Doughty, Sam Hickinbottom and Matt Gates – open medley

16 Second Places:

Ella Cooper, Georgia Ulyett, Charlie Moorby and Charlie Miller – age 12 free relay
Imeh Tyas, Immy Hill, Paige Colling and Emma Preston – open free relay
Sophie Fowkes – age 14 breast 100m
Bella Smith – age 10 breast 25m
Jonny Stimpson – age 10 breast 25m
Georgia Ulyett – age 12 free 50m
Dylan Campbell – age 10 fly 25m
Ruby Welsford – age 12 back 50m
Immy Hill – open breast 100m
Adam Doughty – open breast 100m
Lucas Joubert – age 10 free 25m
Sophie Fowkes – age 14 back 100m
Max Sandle – age 12 breast 50m
Rosie Bolton, Caitlin Thomas, Sophie Fowkes and Issy Stanley – age 14 medley
Ruby Welsford, Charlie Miller, Ella Cooper and Charlie Moorby – age 12 medley
Cannon – A team

13 Third Places:

Rosie Bolton, Caitlin Thomas, Issy Stanley and Sophie Fowkes – age 14 free relay
Joe Mlyrea, Sam Hadley, Will Stevens and Henry Duncan – age 12 free relay
Matt Gates, Sam Hickinbottom, Adam Doughty and Jack Ward – open free relay
Toby Durkan – age 10 breast 25m
Imeh Tyas – open free 100m
Matt Gates – open free 100m
Brieana Shrive – age 12 back 50m
Rosie Bolton – age 14 fly 50m
Jack Ward – open back 100m
Sam Hadley – age 14 back 100m
Sophie Fowkes – open fly 100m
James Williams, Toby Durkan, Yuri Oliferuks and Oliver Mitchell – age 10 medley
Annabelle Joseph, Immy Hill, Paige Colling and Emma Preston – open medley

The overall result scoring 6 points for a first place was:-

Position Team Points
1 Burton A 307
2 Leicester Penguins A 250
3 Coalville B 224
4 Neptune B 173
5 Burton B 163
6 Rushden B 154
7 Oadby and Wigston 83


Fielding two teams and hosting meant we needed more support than ever – so massive thank you to Ian, Simon, Mary, Jo and Andy for being poolside and encouraging the kids.

Also thank you to
– Craig, Debbie, Helen, Karen, Jo, Pete, Simon, Lee, Paul and Dave/Jane for the officiating/timing
– To the sending support team of Emily and Rachel– thank you so much – lots of very excited kids to get to the right place at the right time!!!
– The parents for all the cheering and support of both our lanes last night

A TEAM Highlights – 48 PB times and no DQ:

STAR SWIMMERJaina Muogbo – who won all 4 of her races

STAR RACEOpen Medley Relay – the open section was a very high standard – Jack, Adam and Sam setting Matt up to bring the house down with a great win

Special mention to Ella Cooper and Sophie Fowkes for swimming up age groups to keep the balance of the team right – and Jack Ward for his club record time in 100m back – plus the age 14 boys of George Greener, Tom Mitchell, Matthew Appelbee and George Preston who just kept on winning all night!!!

B TEAM Highlights – 46 PB times and no DQ:

STAR SWIMMER – joint to Brieana Shrive and Sophie Sturman – who both swam PB times, covered races additional to the original races at short notice and played major roles in the success of the B team last night

STAR RACEMel Parsons on her debut setting a new PB in the 100m Free and Sam Hadley for his new PB in his debut on 100m back.

Special mention to Neha Varghese, Callan Dawson, Sam Hadley and Mel Parsons who made their league debuts last night.

The A team now progress to the Grand final – but the real success is the B team who are still mid table after the first two rounds

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