Winter League 2019 – Round 2 : Times & Report

Hinckley Leisure Centre, Hinckley, 2nd March 2019

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After an amazing second place in round 1 the club was looking at securing a 4th consecutive season in the top flight in round 2 at Hinckley LC. The league table going into the second set of galas saw us in 6th place – surely we could not stay in the top 8 and make a final with all the Arena League Titans?

The format of the league will see 18 teams split into 3 galas for the first two rounds – leading to the top 8 going into a final – the next 5 being in a gala – and the bottom 5 facing a gala that would see 3 relegated back for the 2020 season to division 2.

The draw saw us face the Coalville A and Hinckley A which both finished in the top 8 last year, plus Market Harborough A. Kettering A and Wellingborough B. Could Burton have a go at reaching the impossible dream of a final in the Winter League which had 9 Arena teams plus Autumn Champions Rushden in its very strong 18 teams??

The format is 4 age groups are as at 31/12/19 and are age 11, 13, 15 and open – with the main changes being the addition of an Individual medley, the age 15 kids doing 100 fly not 50m. plus all the young kids doing 50m not 25m races.

Winter league debuts went to Amber Wan, Sophie Sturman, Issy Stanley and Mel Parsons.

9 First Places

Dylan Mitchell, Dylan Campbell, Lucas Joubert and Josh Cooper – age 11 free relay

Dylan Mitchell – age 11 50m back

Ella Cooper – age 13 50m fly

Bella Smith – age 11 50m breast

Ella Cooper – age 13 50m free

Harrison Jones – age 13 50m free

Jaina Muogbo – age 11 50m free

Dylan Mitchell – age 11 50m free

Dylan Mitchell, Josh Cooper, Dylan Campbell and Lucas Joubert – age 11 medley relay

13 Second Places

Matt Gates – open 100m Medley

Bella Smith, Jaina Muogbo, Lana Clamp and Amber Wan – age 11 free relay

George Greener, Matt Appelbee, Tom Mitchell and George Preston -age 13 free relay

Bella Smith – age 11 50m back

Matt Gates – open 100m free

Josh Cooper – age 11 50m breast

George Greener – age 15 100m fly

Jack Ward – open 100m back

Dylan Campbell – age 11 50m fly

Ella Cooper – age 15 100m free

George Greener – age 15 100m free

Matt Gates – open 100m fly

George Greener, Tom Mitchell, Matt Appelbee and George Preston – age 15 medley relay

7 Third Places

Charlotte Breeze, Rosie Bolton, Sophie Fowkes and Sophie Sturman – age 15 free relay

Ella Cooper, Georgia Ulyett, Ruby Welsford and Charlie Miller – age 13 free relay

Lana Clamp – age 11 50m fly

Ruby Welsford – age 13 50m back

Sophie Fowkes – age 15 100m back

Ruby Welsford, Charlie Miller, Ella Cooper and Georgia Ulyett – age 13 medley relay

Oliver Frost, Harrison Jones, Edan Maxwell and James Copley – age 13 medley relay

From the start it was clear that Coalville A and Hinckley A would compete for first place – with Wellingborugh B struggling post their promotion from Division 2 last year –– Burton never moved from third place – the level of commitment and fight shown on the night was very impressive. To swim 53 PB times so soon after the county champs was brilliant.

Highlights :-

  • STAR SWIMMER – the boys age 11 team of Dylan Mitchell, Dylan Campbell, Lucas Joubert and Josh Cooper – they won both relays – Dylan M won both his individuals with Josh and Dylan C coming 2nd
  • STAR RACE – 3 chosen races – all huge PB times – Bella Smith in 50m breast, George Greener and Matt Gates in 100m fly
  • An amazing 53 PB times swam so soon after counties was fantastic – with only 2 DQ
  • Ella Cooper. Matt Gates and Sophie Fowkes for swimming an extra 100m individual to keep the momentum in the team
  • Jaina ‘turbo’ Muogbo for winning 50m free
  • The free relays clicked last night – the age 13 ,15 and open girls and boys saw PB times galore

Results after 51 races:-

Position Team Points
1 Hinckley A 265
2 Coalville A 226
3 Burton 190
4 Market Harb A 164
5 Kettering A 128
6 Wellingborough B   77

So the club has earned 4 points for coming 3RD and now have 9 points after two rounds – and for the FIRST TIME the local club has made the Winter League Division 1 Final.

Massive thanks go to:-

  • the coaching team of Simon and Ian for all the advice and encouragement on the night
  • Debbie, Martin, Jo, Bev and Donna for the officiating and timing – Plus HARRY!!!!
  • Simon and Karen for the sending and looking after the swimmer’s poolside
  • All the parents for once again taking time out of their busy weekends to travel and support the team

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