Staffs League Round 3: 7th October – Times and Report

Staffs League Round 3: Tamworth Snowdome 7th October

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The 2017 Staffs league resumed for BASC at the Tamworth Snowdome. The venue is better regarded as a place to get on the snow and have some fun, but last night BASC took part in the 3rd Tier for round 3. This league has always been a massive step up for us a club but unusually we entered this gala with a full squad and also with the tag of joint favourites with Burntwood SC.

The full draw was Burntwood, Burton, Walsall, Tamworth and Cannock Phoenix B

The gala format is all races and legs are over 50m – and we get mixed relays rather than the usual all girls or boys – as this is age as at 31/12 it saw kids swimming in different age groups to the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons.

From race 1 it was clear BASC wanted to end the voodoo of never winning a Staffs League gala – by the end of the first 7 races we had took 6 first places and we knew that this was going to be a night to remember for the club

25 First Places – more than half the races!!!

Boys Cannon Team

Ruby Welsford – age 11 Back

Harrison Jones – age 11 Back

Adam Doughty -age 15 Breast

George G, Aidan, Sophie and Rosie – age 13 free relay

Ella Cooper – age 11 Free

Harrison Jones – age 11 Free

Imeh, Adam, George S and Hayley – age 15 medley relay

George Greener – age 13 Bac

Ella, Harrison, Brieana and Isaac – age 11 free relay

Hayley Brightman – age 15 Fly

Finley Brown – age 15 Fly

Ruby Welsford – age 11 Breast

Jed Bavester – age 11 Breast

Adam, Hayley, George S and Imeh – age 15 free relay

George Greener – age 13 Fly

Jaina, Dylan, Lana and Lucas – age 9 free relay

Harrison, Ruby, Ella and Isaac – age 11 medley relay

Imeh Tyas – age 15 Back

Jack Ward – age 15 Back

Tom Mitchell – age 13 Breast

Ella Cooper – age 11 Fly

Jack Ward – age 15 Free

George G, Kaliyah, Sophie and Tom – age 13 medley relay

Girls Cannon Team

11 Second Places:

Rosie Bolton – age 13 Back

Matt Gates – open age Breast

Sophie Fowkes – age 13 Free

Aidan Joubert – age 13 Free

Annabelle, Matt, Phil and Emma P – open medley relay

Matt Gates – open age Free

Kaliyah Hudson – age 13 Breast

Phil, Matt, Eve and Emma B – open free relay

Hayley Brightman – age 15 Free

Annabelle Joseph – open age Back

Adam Doughty – open age Back

4 Third Places:

Emma Preston – age 15 Breast

Finley Brown – open age Fly

Immy Hill – open age Breast

Sophie Fowkes – age 13 Fly

With only 1 DQ and a 35 PB times (including relay splits) the stats showed we performed very well as a team – our best ever Staffs League Team Performance – back in November 2013 the same 5 teams plus one other team swam a gala and BASC came 6th – hard therefore not too notice just how far we have come these last few years when you look at a statistic like that – credit to all swimmers, families, officials, committee and coaches for that feat!!!

The overall result was:

Burton            230

Walsall            188

Burtnwood    173

Tamworth      133

Phoenix B       109

Highlights of the night included:-

STAR SWIMMER – on this occasion this went to Ruby Welsford – a swimmer who can doubt her ability due to nerves but last night won in all her races – her times when converted to an open meet format would see her swimming at counties in 2018 – and simply represents everything what BASC is all about in terms of learning great technique and racing with a smile of your face to the very best of your ability.

Swim of the night – George Greener, Aidan Joubert, Sophie Fowkes and Rosie Bolton for winning the age 13 free relay against a Walsall team with 2 of the fastest girls in Staffordshire for age 13

Other notable items :-

  • Jed Bavester winning 50m Breast
  • Winning both the 10 swimmer cannon events at either end of the gala
  • Harrison and Ella for winning all 5 of their races
  • Annabelle, Adam, Emma P and Emma B for swimming up an age group with such positive results
  • Our 5 young age 9 kids who swam their hearts out to touch first in all races – Jaina, Lana, Bella, Dylan and Lucas
  • Adam, George S, Imeh and Hayley for such amazing age 15 relay swims
  • George G, Kaliyah, Sophie and Tom for winning their age 13 medley relay by nearly a full length – not sure we have ever done that before

Huge thank you to Simon, Phil and Ian for the coaching of the team and Craig, Martin, Bev, Rob and Karen for the officiating and timing on the night, plus Donna for relay splits.

We now await which final we will compete in on November 25th

We now have one week before the start of the Autumn League 2018 – a very hard draw next weekend guys!!!

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