Phoenix Nights 2015 – Report

BurtonASC Phoenix Nights 2015 Report

Plenty of Santa hats and reindeer antlers but sadly no Peter Kay at Repton last night for the fitting end to a great swimming year for BASC. This gala was just relays covering all 4 strokes and a medley for the age groups 10, 12, 14 and older people ( masters take a bow please)

Derby Phoenix and BASC teamed up to have 3 lanes each and race – all with a fun element – over the 33 races – the breast relays saw the introduction of the reindeers antlers which had to be worn by all swimmers including our coaches who took part last night!!!!

The last race the 16 leg cannon included inflatable Christmas floats that had to be taken from end to end by each swimmer. All other races were normal full on races and while the rules were slacker than normal the speed and enthusiasm for both teams was excellent

We last raced DP just over 4 years ago – at the time we managed just one relay win and the gap between the clubs was considerable. While the event was not about competition alone the pleasing result showed how far this little club has come over the last 2 years – credit to swimmers, coaches, officials, committee and parents for that.

The pool was split so we had lanes 1-3 – with Derby in lanes 4-6 – massive thanks to all parents who came poolside to ensure we got everyone to the right end at the right time – no small feat by any means last night – but the kids behaved so well and stood up cheering team mates on throughout the night. Being a small club – plus lots of xmas commitments and germs – we could only field 1 or 2 lanes in many races.

Debutants on the night were as follows:- James Copley, Joshua Cooper, Noah Wollaston, Beau Wollaston, Amelia Beresford, Pete Doughty, Pete Stevens, Martin Brown, Sophie Sturman, Samantha Milliere, Katie Smith, Lottie Smith. Lana Clamp, Sam Duggan and Nicholas Vakis

Many other swimmers got a deserved chance to enjoy a gala – well until the antlers appeared that is!!!!

Our lane 3 team included many of the record setting 2015 league gala squad – while the gala was not about winning as such the performance deserves merit – the lane 3 team took placings as below against 3 very strong Derby lanes

15 First places – massive rise from the 2011 version

11 Second places

So 26 of 33 races we finished top two guys – you should be very proud once again

Result by lane :-

  • BASC lane 3 – 164
  • Derby lane 5 – 145
  • Derby lane 4 – 144
  • Derby lane 6 – 126
  • BASC lane 2 – 63
  • BASC lane 1 – 21

While we have got more use to the occasional win of late this was still a great result – the kids taking a second chance so soon after Hinckley to plunge into the pool as the result was read out.

Total team score was Derby 415 v BASC 249 – so Derby kids celebrated as well – winners all around on a lovely night and each kid was given sweets as a reward at the end – even the very big kids!!!

Massive thank you to Rob, Craig, Bev and Arno for the officials roles, to Santa Emma and Rudolph Owen on the table – plus all coaches and parent helpers last night – this was a chance to see loads of smiles and a fitting reward for all the hard work put in by every swimmer during 2015.