Long Eaton Open Meet : January 14th 2018 – Times and Report

Long Eaton Open Meet :  Queen Street Leisure Centre, Derby.


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On Sunday the 14th January A HUGE RECORD BREAKING 43 BASC planned to get out of bed very early to have a go in the annual Long Eaton Open. The venue was the usual Queen Street baths in Derby and the club was really proud to see such a massive take up . Due to illness and impending school exams 1 or 2 did not take part but we still saw a huge Burton presence at an open meet. Due to illness/clashes with other events we saw Emma Brown, Immy Hill, Harrison Jones, Kaliyah Hudson and Poppy Rayner be longer able to compete.

The remaining 38 kids did the club proudwe won 55 medals, 62 PB swam, 5 new County QT and 2 new Midland times in our races this year. The gala was all based on age on the day – with kids who are born February to June being in the older section of their swim peers this time around.

The gala attracted swimmers from the big clubs in Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Stafford – and like many open meets was full before its closing date. It was well run with all HDW heats other than freestyle where top 6 went again in finals at the end of each session.

The team spirit was amazing – those present will never forget a few things – notably:-

– The roar as the BASC kids went in the 16 freestyle finals at the end of both sessions
– Seeing some heats have 4 swimmers from our club
A CLUB RECORD 20 different swimmers take home a medal
– Great debuts or first time swims at longer distances for the numerous age 9 and 10 kids
– Getting so cold waiting to be admitted to the Leisure Centre!!!!
– 3 kids (Amelie Brown, Ella Cooper and Tom Mitchell) winning spot prizes
STAR SWIMMER – Ella Cooper for her 2 Midland times in the 50m and 100m finals for freestyle
STAR RACE – Rachael Greener for gaining a 100m Fly County time on her first attempt at the event

As always Simon and Ian advised and gave encouragement and Jane/Suzanne helping poolside in both sessions to give great support to all kids – from all of the kids a massive thank you to all of you guys. Also a huge thank you once again to Bev Doughty who represented the Club as our official on the day.

Noah O’Brien – 4 events and 4 top 6 places for Noah -making the 100m final at the end of session 1 – his new PB in 100m free being his highlight swim

Tom Mitchell – 2 races and 2 PB times for his two first places for Tom – his new county QT in 100m Fly was his highlight swim

Matthew Appelbee – 5 events led to 7 races as Matthew made both his age groups freestyle finals – he took home 5 medals with his 200m free being his swim of the day

Katie Smith – 2 events and 2 PB times for Katie – a huge PB in her 100m Breast was her highlight swim

Bella Smith – 4 events and 3 medals for Bella – she made her first open meet final in the 50m free – and swam a great time on her first attempt at 50m Fly – she took home Gold for the 50m Breast as her highlight swim

Lana Clamp – a great debut for Lana – 3 races and 2 new PB times – the huge PB in 50m Breast was her highlight

Amelie Brown – 3 swims and 2 PB times for Amelie – a huge 10 second PB racing Georgia and Rachael in the 100m free was her best swim

Jaina Muogbo – Jaina had a great first open meet – she took part in 2 swims and achieved 2 PB times while coming an agonizing 7th in both events

Charlotte Rumsby – 2 events for Charlotte and a new PB time in 50m free was a highlight for her morning at Derby

Charlie Miller – 2 events for Charlie on this occasion – her best swim came when coming 7th in the 100m breast

Brieana Shrive – 4 events and 3 PBs during the day – a 7th place on 100m back alongside the 12 second PB on 100m breast being the highlights

Sophie Sturman – a first open meet for Sophie included a 4 second PB on the 50m free as her highlight swim

Izzy Stanley – a strong candidate for star swimmer – ‘Smiler’ came home with 5 PB times from her 5 races – she gained 2 medals with the 6 second PB in 100m back being her highlight

Ruby Welsford – 4 races and 3 PB times on this occasion for Ruby – her 3rd place while swimming a new PB in 100m back was her stand out swim

Charlotte Breeze – 4 events and 2 PB times including gaining a medal for 3rd while swimming a county time in 100m fly for Charlotte

Sophie Fowkes – 6 events and 4 top 3 finishes for Sophie – a Gold medal in 200m free was her highlight swim

Annie Llewellyn – 2 events for Annie – the highlight was the new PB in 100m breast during her morning at Derby

Ella Cooper – 5 events led to 7 swims due to making the 50m and 100m finals – and boy did she make those extra swims count – taking Midland times in 50m and 100m free

Sam Duggan – 3 events for Sam – the highlight was a great race with 3 other BASC young team mates during a 50m free heat

Jed Bavester – 4 events led to 3 medals for Jed – his huge PB in 100m free being his stand out swim

Finlay Bell – 3 events for Finlay during his open meet experience – his 50m free heat duel with other BASC swimmers was his highlight

George Stevens – 4 races for George in his day as an open age swimmer for the first time – he took 2 new PB times and he medalled in the mass BASC swim off on the fastest 100m fly heat at the end of the day

Jack Ward – 4 races for Jack – he left it until the last race to keep that usual medal streak going with a medal in his new best event of 100m fly!!!

Finley Brown – 4 events and 2 medals for Finley – he took place in his first open meet final alongside 2 other BASC swimmers in the 50m free final as is highlight

Matt Gates – 6 events and 6 medals for Matt – just missing out on star swimmer to Ella based on the midland times – his duel with the other Burton boys on 100m fly was his best swim at the end of a very busy day

Adam Doughty – 3 events and 2 new county times in 100m breast and back for Adam – he also made the 50m free final alongside Matt and Finley

Lottie Smith – Lottie had a go this time at 2 events over 100m in back and breast – with the breast being her stand out swim

Rachael Greener –‘Custard’ had 4 events and 4 PB times – her highlight was the debut swim at 100m fly that gained her a place at the County champs this year

Mary Duggan – 5 events for Mary at this meet – her 100m breast and free times being her stand out swims

Max Sandle – 3 events and 3 PB times for Max – he took part in 2 finals but his highlight swim was when coming 2nd in the 100m breast

Lucas Joubert – a great debut for Lucas ended with a final swim in the 50m free – he gained PB times during his day of 2 medals at Derby

Josh Cooper – a debut at open meets for Josh saw him take part in 3 events – his new PB in 50m free was his highlight

Dylan Campbell – Dylan was fantastic in overcoming his nerves to swim 2 new PB times in his 3 races during his open meet debut

Dylan Mitchell – an amazing debut for Dylan – 3 events led to 3 PB times and 3 medals – he gained bragging rights from older brother Tom by winning more medals at the meet!!!

Eve Sandle – 3 events for Eve was highlighted by the taking on the 100m fly within minutes of doing the 200m IM – where do they get the energy to do one of those two??

Jasper Saunders – a great debut for our pocket rocket – he swam 2 events and took home 2 great new PB times – narrowly missing a medal in 100m breast

James Copley – a debut to remember for James – 2 events and 2 huge PB times – his highlight was making the 50m free final

Georgia Ulyett – her first open meet attempting 100m races – she won an amazing heat with fellow BASC girls in the 100m free to break the 1min 30 sec barrier at her first attempt

So after one meet we have a usual feel to the Girls Medals table – with Ella and Sophie setting off in 2018 how they finished 2017 pushing each other at the top

1 Ella Cooper 5
2 Sophie Fowkes 4
J3 Bella Smith and Rachael Greener 3

The boys table sees Matt and Matthew set the early pace in 2018

1 Matt Gates 6
2 Matthew Appelbee 5
3 Noah O’Brien 4

With the County window now closed we have a period of league fixtures, friendlies, internal tests and counties to look forward to before getting back to open meets for all in June 2018 at Stafford.

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