Leicester Diddy League Round 1 – April 2019: Times and Report

Meadowside Leisure Centre – 6th April 2019


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The Meadowside Leisure Centre hosted last night round 1 of the 2019 Diddy League. This league is for 4 age groups as at the 30th June. The age groups are ages 9, 10, 11 and 12 – with all age groups doing all 4 individual races (so age 9 doing fly) and free and medley relays.

Last year BASC for the second year running had made the Grand Final and we started the league looking forward to seeing how the 2019 Squad would perform – we hoped for another great Diddy League season.

The league this year has 29 teams – so a kind round 1 draw would be key to maintaining last year’s position – we did not get the kindest of draws as local rivals Swadlincote (who also made the final last year) joined us alongside Coalville B, Shepshed and Solihull.

Taking your first steps in a competitive league gala is a big step for children so young but all did fantastic last night. Competitive Diddy League debuts for Burton SC went to Chloe Clamp, Orla Leyland, Sophia Wheeler, Blythe Wroughton, Aleksander Tutt, Joseph Mills. Seb Jones, Jack Fleeman, Olivia Standley and Connor Small.

The team captains for the Junior League in 2019 are Ruby Welsford and Harrison Jones, who had played such key roles in helping us reach the Grand Final for the last two years..

On the night we gained:

32 First Places from 49 races:

Joseph Mills – age 9 25m breast
Josh Cooper – age 10 25m free
Georgia Ulyett – age 11 25m fly
Ruby Welsford – age 12 50m back
Oliver Frost – age 12 50m back
Aleksander Tutt, Joseph Mills, Seb Jones and Jack Fleeman – age 9 medley relay
Jonny Stimpson – age 10 25m breast
Jaina Muogbo – age 11 25m free
Ruby Welsford, Amelie Spiers, Issy Mills and Amelie Brown – age 12 free relay
Harrison Jones, James Copley, Oliver Frost and Connor Small – age 12 free relay
Josh Cooper, Jonny Stimpson, Dylan Campbell and Lucas Joubert – age 10 medley relay
Georgia Ulyett, Jaina Muogbo, Charlie Miller and Issy Mills – age 11 free relay
Dylan Mitchell, Jasper Saunders, Harry Preston and Finlay Pearson – age 11 free relay
Seb Jones, Aleksander Tutt, Joseph Mills and Jack Fleeman – age 9 free relay
Bella Richards – age 10 25m back
Josh Cooper – age 10 25m back
Charlie Miller – age 11 25m breast
Harry Preston – age 11 25m breast
Seb Jones – age 9 25m fly
Jaina Muogbo – age 12 50m free
Harrison Jones – age 12 50m free
Dylan Campbell, Lucas Joubert, Josh Cooper and Yuri Oliferuks -age 10 free relay
Charlie Miller, Bella Smith, Georgia Ulyett and Issy Mills – age 11 medley relay
Dylan Mitchell, Harry Preston, Jasper Saunders and Finley Pearson – age 11 medley relay
Harrison Jones – age 12 50m fly
Aleksander Tutt – age 9 25m free
Dylan Campbell – age 10 25m fly
Charlie Miller – age 11 25m back
Dylan Mitchell – age 11 25m back
Ruby Welsford, Bella Smith, Amelie Brown and Amelie Spiers – age 12 medley relay
Oliver Frost, James Copley, Harrison Jones and Connor Small – age 12 medley relay
Cannon Team

10 Second Places:

Bella Richards – age 10 25m free
Lana Clamp = age 10 25m breast
Seb Jones – age 9 25m back
Bella Richards, Freya Smith, Lana Clamp and Olivia Standley – age 10 medley relay
Bella Smith – age 12 50m breast
Oliver Frost – age 12 50m breast
Orla Leyland – age 9 25m fly
Lana Clamp, Bella Richards, Olivia Standley and Freya Smith – age 10 free relay
Amelie Spiers – age 12 50m fly
Lana Clamp – age 10 25m fly

4 Third Places:

Harry Preston – age 11 25m fly
Orla Leyland, Chloe Clamp, Sophia Wheeler and Blythe Wroughton – age 9 medley relay
Orla Leyland, Chloe Clamp, Sophia Wheeler and Blythe Wroughton – age 9 free relay
Orla Leyland – age 9 25m free

Throughout the 49 races it was a dominant display by Burton – we had planned ahead and asked kids to not do too much at the City of Stoke Open meet that was on the same weekend – families working together to get the swimmers from Stoke fresh to race.

Overall Result:

Team Points
Burton 264
Swadlincote 177
Solihull B 153
Coalville B 143
Shepshed 134

Highlights from a great night included:-

STAR SWIMMERJosh Cooper – he won both individual races and alongside his swimming friends helped dominate in the two age 10 relays.

STAR RACE – Joint to Joseph Mills, Aleksander Tutt and Seb Jones – who all made great debuts and won individual races on the night

Other highlights

– All the age 9 section kids swimming with such great technique and with smiles on their faces
Jaina Muogbo and Bella Smith swimming up in the 50m races
– 37 PB times swam including relay splits and only 1 DQ

Thank you to all who helped the kids achieve another great performance:-

– Brian, Andy Jo and George for coaching and advising
– Paul E, Debbie, Bev and Craig for officiating
– Jenny, Kate and Dave for timing
– Paul, Emily, Lee and Wayne for sending the kids to races
– As ever the parents without whom we would not have a team – especially on the busy weekend that we had

Round 2 is on 11th May – where we hope for a home draw. Last night was our 38th win since we started this transformation in fortunes in March 2014 – well done to all

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