141st BASC Club Championships 2019 : Times & Report

Meadowside Leisure Centre, 15th and 16th November 2019

Over two nights of great swimming on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November BASC hosted their annual swimming championships. This year we celebrate 141 years of swimming in one of Britain’s eldest swimming clubs. These events are open to all full members of the club and involve races as below for boys and girls – this year being a licenced meet allowing all events above 25m to be counted as ASA times.

AGE 8 – 25M for Free, Breast and Back

AGE 9 – 25M for Free, Breast, Back and Fly

AGE 10 – 25M Fly and 50M in Free Back and Breast

AGE 11-12 – 50M in Free Back, Breast and Fly plus 100M Medley, 200m Free and 200M Medley

AGE 13-14 – 100M in Free Back and Breast and 100m Fly plus 100M Medley, 200m Free and 200M Medley

AGE 15 PLUS – 100M in Free Back, Breast and Fly plus 100M Medley, 200m Free and 200M Medley

MASTERS – 50M in all strokes plus 100M Medley

The ages are as at 31st December 2019 – and each year we see kids move age groups and once above 10 the double age groups lead to different winners each year quite often.

The format was a Heat Declared Winner basis – so all swimmers doing the same stroke distance were put in heats based on an entry time equivalent to the Club Personal Best time as of the closing date for entries.

A record number of races for the swimmers took part over the 2 nights of great racing – with swimmers aging from the youngest including the likes of Edward Williams, Rebecca Pardoe and Madeline Smith to our Masters swimmers (we will not mention their age but a combined score of over 250!!!)

Special mention to the following kids who attempted all 7 events – this is very hard as the 200m events take a lot out of the kids before they then race on other events during each night – so well done to all who were brave enough to go for every race on offer.

The top 6 in each age event will win a medal at the presentation evening in January – and also get to see their name engraved on a trophy which they keep for 12 months should they have won– with the club being 141 years old the dates on these trophies go back generations and it is great that the club can show such a history of ex champions in this way.

Over the 2 nights we saw well over 80% of the races achieve a PB.

A total of 79 races gained county times, of which 31 are new events gained for the swimmers concerned. We now have a huge 31 swimmers qualified for 164 races with staffs counties being materially harder to qualify in than Derbyshire or Leicestershire.

Headlines Results


Age 8 Rebecca Pardoe won free and back, with Madeleine Smith winning breast.

Age 9Madeleine Smith won Fly, Chloe Clamp won breast, Molly Hull won back and Jessica Ulyett won free.

Age 10Olivia Standley won fly and free, Lillie Hambleton won breast and Emily Copley won back

Age 11/12Georgia Ulyett won 200 free, 100 IM , back and free, Amelie Spiers won fly, Bella Smith won breast and Rachael Greener won 200 IM

Age 13/14Katie Spooner won 6 events and Ella Cooper winning 100 free – with many club records and County times within both their times.

OpenSophie Fowkes won all 7 events, including a county times and club records


Age 8Edward Williams won all 3 events.

Age 9 Seb Jones won all 4 strokes.

Age 10Toby Durkan won free, fly and back, with Jonny Stimpson winning breast in a county QT

Age 11/12Oliver Frost won 200 IM, fly, back and breast – Connor Small won 200 free, 100 IM and free

Age 13/14Tom Mitchell won all 7 events, with many PB and County times within his times.

OpenMatt Gates won, 200m free, free, 200m IM and 100 IM, Jack Ward won back, George Greener won breast and Finley Brown won fly


Dave Hughes won back, fly and IM, with Oliver Hill winning free and Phil Stimpson winning breast

16 Club Championship Records were broken on the 2 nights by:-

  • Matt Gates broke the open – 200m IM, 200 free, 100m free and 100m IM
  • Finley Brown broke the open 100m fly – going under 1 minute
  • Katie Spooner broke the age 13/14 records in 200m IM, 200m free, 100m fly and 100m back
  • Ella Cooper broke the age 13/14 100m free
  • Sophie Fowkes broke the open age 200m IM and 200m free
  • Dave Hughes broke the masters records in fly and IM
  • Oliver Hill broke the masters record in free
  • Phil Stimpson broke the masters record in breast 

Trophy table for boys for the top 3 was –

  • Top Boy with 7 winsTom Mitchell
  • Joint second with 4 winsSeb Jones, Matt Gates and Oliver Frost

Trophy table for girls for the top 3 was:-

  • Top Girl with 7 winsSophie Fowkes
  • Second with 6 winsKatie Spooner
  • Third with 4 winsGeorgia Ulyett

2 great nights for the club – brilliant to see great sportsmanship as well as some very fast swimming.

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