Leicester Autumn League Round 3 – December 2019: Times and Report

Braunstone Leisure Centre, Braunstone

On the 14th December the 2019 Autumn league came to it’s conclusion with both the A and B teams being drawn in galas at the Braunstone LC. The format of this league is similar to all Leicester Leagues with points earned from the first two round determining what level final you arrive in come December. In round 1 both teams had come an amazing second place in their respective galas. In round 2 the A team came 2nd again and the B team had come 4th.

Last year the A team had made the major final for the third consecutive year, coming a record high 4th on the night at Corby. The B team on its debut came 3rd in the 3rd tier final , taking 17th in a league of 30 teams..

There are 4 age groupings all at age at the 31/12/19 – being age 10, 12, 14 and over 14 (open). With all Leicester League formats the rules are simple – you cannot swim in round 3 if you have not swam in an earlier round. Races for age 10 and age 12 are 50m and the older age groups are mainly 100m. For the first time the top two finals were made licenced meets with times counting towards county qualification.

So after two amazing rounds the A team again took part in the Grand Final – this was an evening gala and our 4th in a row. We were seeded 5th with big guns Corby, Rushden and Nuneaton in the seeded middle lanes plus Kettering and Leicester Neptune in the other central lanes – the outside lanes of the 8 lane final being Leicester Penguins and Nene Valley.

The B team were our new success story making the afternoon 8 lane B final – we came in seeded 8th and knew we just had to go and swim hard with this all about learning – we had delivered so much already. Arena League big guns of Daventry and Leicester Sharks were clear favourites for this final.

Two galas in one day in the same place running one after each other was a challenge logistically – with Leicester City FC playing at home and a crash on the M1 – it all added up to a fun filled 7 hours at Braunstone.

Burton A Team Results:

1 Second Place

  • Georgia Ulyett – age 12 50m fly

11 Third Places

  • Olivia Standley, Lillie Hambleton, Emily Copley and Issy Reid – age 10 free relay
  • Toby Durkan – age 10 50m back
  • Katie Spooner – age 15 100m breast
  • Connor Small – age 12 50m fly
  • Matt Gates – open 100m free
  • Katie Spooner – age 14 50m fly
  • Ella Cooper – age 14 100m free
  • Oliver Frost – age 12 50m back
  • Finley Brown – open 100m fly
  • Issy Reid, Lillie Hambleton, Olivia Standley and Emily Copley – age 10 medley relay
  • Oliver Frost, Jasper Saunders, Connor Small and Edan Maxwell – age 12 medley relay

17 Fourth Places

  • Katie SpoonerElla Cooper, Rosie Bolton and Issy Mills – age 14 free relay
  • Oliver Frost, Connor Small, Edan Maxwell and Jasper Saunders – age 12 free relay
  • Matt Gates. Finley Brown, George Greener and Jack Ward – open free relay
  • Emily Copley – age 10 50m back
  • Tom Mitchell – age 14 100m breast
  • Lillie Hambleton – age 10 50m breast
  • Jonny Stimpson – age 10 50m breast
  • Georgia Ulyett – age 12 50m free
  • Connor Small – age 12 50m free
  • Jack Ward – open 100m back
  • George Greener – open 100m breast
  • Oliver Mitchell – age 10 50m free
  • Oliver Frost – age 12 50m breast
  • Toby Durkan, Jonny Stimpson, Seb Jones and Oliver Mitchell – age 10 medley relay
  • Charlie Miller, Bella SmithGeorgia Ulyett and Jaina Muogbo – age 12 medley relay
  • Jack Ward, George Greener, Finley Brown and Matt Gates – open medley relay
  • Cannon relay team

A Final Results based on 8 points for a win:

Team Points 
Nuneaton       306
Rushden  293
Corby  284
Burton A  221
Leicester Neptune   196
Kettering  190
Leicester Penguins   151
Nene Valley  110

Burton B Team Results:

1 First Place

  • Amelie Spiers – age 12 50m Fly

1 Second Place

  • Dylan Campbell – age 12 50m Fly

6 Fourth Places

  • Dylan Mitchell, Josh Cooper, Dylan Campbell and Harry Preston – age 12 free relay
  • Edward Frost – age 10 50m Fly
  • Maksims Parahonko – age 14 50m fly
  • Adam Doughty – open 100m back
  • Dylan Mitchell – age 12 50m back
  • Bella Richards, Lana Clamp, Amelie Spiers and Neha Varghese – age 12 medley relay

B Final Results – based on 8 points for a win

Team Points 
Leicester Sharks       331
Daventry  325
Rugby  212
Hinckley B  204
Braunstone C  182
Wellingborough B  165
Rushden B  161
Burton B  153

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