Leicester Autumn League Round 1 – October 2019: Times and Report

Burton A Team: Hinckley Leisure Centre

Burton B Team: Braunstone Leisure Centre

On the 12th October the 2019 Autumn league got underway once again with two teams – one away at Hinckley and the other at Braunstone. The format of this league is similar to all Leicester Leagues in that the 25-30 clubs are split into a random open draw at round 1 with limited seeding– then you are seeded for round 2 to try and keep apart the top seeds from round 1 – with points earned from the first two round determining what level final you arrive in come December.

Last year the A team had made the major final for the third consecutive year, coming a record high 4th on the night at Corby. The B team on its debut came 3rd in the 3rd tier final , taking 17th in a league of 30 teams..

There are 4 age groupings all at age at the 31/12/19 – being age 10, 12, 14 and over 14 (open). With all Leicester League formats the rules are simple – you cannot swim in round 3 if you have not swam in an earlier round. Races for age 10 are 25m, age 12 are 50m and the older age groups are mainly 100m.

The A team swam against the top club in Rushden A, plus a highly competitive Neptune A, then Rugby, Hinckley B, Coalville B and Sharks C.

The B team swam against Kettering A, Swadlincote, Oadby B, Braunstone C, Neptune C and Wellingborough B.

A Team Results – based on 7 points for a win

7 First Places

Georgia Ulyett, Bella Smith, Charlie Miller and Jaina Muogbo – age 12 free

Georgia ulyett – age 12 50m fly

Connor Small – age 12 50m fly

Jonny Stimpson – age 10 25m breast

Georgia Ulyett – age 12 50m free

Connor Small – age 12 50m free

Georgia Ulyett, Charlie Miller, Amelie Spiers and Jaina Muogbo – age 12 medley

15 Second Places

Connor Small, Edan Maxwell, Dylan Mitchell and Oliver Frost – age 12 free

Matt Gates, Sam Hickinbottom, Adam Doughty and Jack Ward – open free

Matt Gates – open 100m free

Ella Cooper – age 14 50m fly

Tom Mitchell – age 14 50m fly

Jack Ward – open 100m back

Olivia Standley – age 10 25m fly

Harrison Jones – age 14 100m back

Oliver Frost – age 12 50m back

Matt Gates – open 100m breast

Harrison Jones – age 14 100m free

Sam HIckinbottom – open 100m fly

Harrison Jones, George Preston, Tom Mitchell and Sam Hadley – age 14 medley

Connor Small, Oliver Frost, Edan Maxwell and Dylan Mitchell – age 12 medley

Jack Ward, Adam Doughty, Sam HIckinbottom and Matt Gates – open medley

15 Third Places

Olivia Standley, Orla Leyland, Emily Copley and Georgia Hanstock – age 10 free

Ella Cooper, Rosie Bolton, Charlotte Breeze and Amelie Spiers – age 14 free

Tom Mitchell, Harrison Jones, George Preston and Sam Hadley – age 14 free

Charlotte Breeze, Sophie Fowkes, Paige Colling and Caitlin Thomas – open free

Seb jones – age 10 25m back

Tom Mitchell – age 14 100m breast

Sophie Fowkes – open 100m back

Charlie Miller – age 12 50m back

Ella Cooper – open 100m breast

Olivia Standley – age 10 25m free

Bella Smith – age 12 50m breast

Emily Copley, Chloe Clamp, Orla Leyland and Georgia Hanstock – age 10 medley

Alek Tutt, Jonny Stimpson, Seb Jones and Sam Benstead – age 10 medley

Rosie Bolton, Bella Smith, Ella Cooper and Charlotte Breeze – age 14 medley

Sophie Fowkes, Ella Cooper, Paige Colling and Caitlin Thomas – open medley

Burton A Team Final result based on 7 points for a win:

Team Points
  Rushden A   290
  Burton A   249
  Neptune A   237
  Rugby   210
  Hinckley B   166
  Sharks C   105
  Coalville B   95

B Team Results

6 First Places

Finley Brown – open age 100m free

Issy Mills – age 12 50m free

Racheal Greener – age 12 50m breast

Jasper Saunders -age 12 50m breast

Finley Brown – open age 100m fly

Josh Cooper, Jasper Saunders, Dylan Campbell and Lucas Joubert – age 12 medley

12 Second Places

Issy Stanley, Charlie Moorby, Amelie Brown and Rachael Greener – age 14 free

Issy Mills, Bella Richards, Neha Varghese and Lana Clamp – age 12 free relay

Jasper Saunders, Josh Cooper, Lucas Joubert and Harry Preston – age 12 free relay

Edward Frost – age 10 25m back

Issy Stanley – age 14 100m breast

Rachael Greener – age 14 50m fly

Maksims Parahonko – age 14 50m fly

Harry Preston – age 12 50m free

Charlie Moorby – age 14 100m free

Lana Clamp – age 12 50m back

Oliver Mitchell – age 10 25m free

Charlie Moorby, Issy Stanley, Racheal Greener and Issy Mills – age 14 medley

17 Third Places

Maksims Parahonko, James Copley, Henry Duncan and Christian P Walker – age 14 free

Finley Brown, George Greener, George Stevens and Matt Appelbee – open free

Issy Reid – age 10 25m back

James Copley – age 14 100m breast

Rachael Greener – age 12 50m fly

Dylan Campbell – age 12 50m fly

Joseph Mills – age 10 25m breast

George Stevens – open 100m back

Edward Frost – age 10 25m fly

Maksims Parahonko – age 14 100m free

Josh Cooper – age 12 50m back

Emma Brown – open 100m breast

George Greener – open 100m breast

Edward Frost, Joe Mills, Oli Mitchell and Jack Fleeman – age 10 medley

James Copley, Christian P Walker, Maksims Parahonko and Henry Duncan – age 14 medley

Bella Richards, Lana Clamp, Amelie Brown and Neha Varghese – age 12 medley

George Stevens, George Greener, Finley Brown and Matt Appelbee – open medley

Burton B Team final result based on 6 points for first:

Team Points
Kettering A 240
Burton B 198
Wellingbrough B 186
Braunstone C 175
Swadlincote 125
Neptune C 70
Oadby B DNS
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