BASC 5th Annual Charity Diddy Gala 2018

Meadowside Leisure Centre, Burton on Trent, 30th June 2018

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For the 5th year running BASC hosted a swimming gala with two main aims:-

  • Showcase young swimmers from the local area while offering Novice swimmers a first gala experience
  • Generate funds and promote a local Charitable cause – this year it was for a cause very close to all at BASC – the Footprints Orphanage in memory of Holly Brown – last year tragically the Brown Family lost Holly and Footprints have worked to set up the Holly Brown Learning for Life Zone – this allows the children to engage in enrichment activities and opportunities allowing Holly’s legacy to live on in the lives of the children at Footprints

In 2014 the event was won by Swadlincote SC, while in 2015, 2016 and 2017 it was won by Burton SC – so who would win this year between the 3 local rival clubs of Etwall Eagles, Swadlincote Dolphins and Burton Barricudas?

This year we had local senior figures including our Mayor and Mayoress Chris & Jane Smith, Chair of East Staffs Sports Council, George Fargher, Local MP Andrew Griffiths – plus the sponsors represented by Arshad and Nafis Afsar from 5 Ten Taxis and Fiona Bavester from Needwood Foods – the event is now becoming a major local event – the programme highlighting the many sponsors who support the club in its aim to provide competitive swimming to all levels of local ability. Footprints represented by Mel Dixon and Vanessa Rollinson, who supported Martin, Sari and Emma Brown through the night

Each club had two teams – a first team swimming in a middle lane including the seasoned swimmers the clubs have – and a second team with many children getting a first or rare swim. The age was at the 30/6/18 and for children aged 9,10,11 and 12 – with all four strokes and both freestyle /medley relays on show. The event also includes cut off times – this is designed to promote a level playing field – so clubs were encouraged to swim the faster swimmers in a different stroke to normal to avoid a DQ for going too fast – this system has been used for all 4 years and attempts to give the novice swimmers better chances in the races.

Debuts to BASC swimmers on the night went to Blythe Wroughton, Sophia Wheeler, Chloe Clamp, Neha Varghese, Joseph Mills, Edward Frost, Josh Appelbee and Oliver Mitchell. Other BASC kids getting a chance to swim who did not swim in the Diddy League included Amber Wan, Martha Haines, Martha Wong, Amelia Hathaway, Georgina Hiatt, Amelie Spiers, Polly Hudson, Scarlett Perry, Lilia Beresford, Maddy Cotton, Annie Llewellyn, Seb Jones, Darcy Veasey, William Smith, Henry Bates, Connor Small, Isaac Gill and Sam Madill.

The gala was fought out in front of a record crowd at the Meadowside – with so many from each club having a first swim. The warm up was followed by a tribute to Holly Brown – with all swimmers sitting around the edge of the pool and kicking/splashing for a minute – plus all spectators applauding – a great moment and very emotional for all present.

For BASC the Roll of Honour for top 3 places were after any Speeding tickets :-

36 First Places:

Lucas Joubert – age 9 Breast
Georgia ulyett – age 10 free
Sophie Haines – age 11 breast
Rosie Bolton – age 12 back
Harrison Jones – age 12 back
Boys age 9 free relay
Girls and Boys age 10 free relay
Girls and Boys age 11 free relay
Girls and Boys age 12 free relay
Dylan Campbell – age 10 back
Ruby Welsford – age 11 back
Harrison Jones – age 11 back
Rosie Bolton – age 12 free
George Preston – age 12 free
Boys Age 9 mixed stroke relay
Girls and Boys age 10 medley relay
Girls and Boys age 11 medley relay
Girls and Boys age 12 medley relay
Lana Clamp – age 9 fly
Josh Cooper = age 9 fly
Ruby Welsford – age 11 free
Harrison Jones – age 11 free
George Preston – age 12 fly
Toby Durkan – age 9 free
Rachael Greener – age 10 fly
Amelie Brown – age 11 fly
Edan Maxwell – age 11 fly
Issy Stanley – age 12 breast
George Preston – age 12 breast

19 Second Places:

Lana Clamp – age 9 breast
Dylan Mitchell – age 10 free
James Copley – age 11 breast
Girls age 9 free relay
Boys age 9 free relay
Scarlett Perry – age 11 back
Oliver Frost – age 11 back
Racheal Greener – age 10 breast
Harry Preston – age 10 breast
Girls age 9 mixed stroke relay
Boys age 9 mixed stroke relay
Issy Mills – age 10 back
Dylan Mitchell – age 10 back
Amelie Spiers – age 11 free
Rosie Bolton – age 12 fly
Bella Richards – age 9 free
Seb Jones – age 9 free
Lilia Beresford – age 11 fly
Harry Preston – age 10 fly

17 Third Places:

Bella Richards – age 9 back
Toby Durkan – age 9 fly
Josh Cooper – age 9 breast
Connor Small – age 11 breast
Isaac Gill – age 12 back
Girls age 11 free relay
Yuri Oliferuks – age 9 back
Finlay Pearson – age 10 breast
Boys age 10 medley relay
Girls age 11 medley relay
Boys age 12 medley relay
Amber Wan age 10 back
Will Smith – age 10 free
Millie Barrett – age 12 fly
Jed Bavester – age 12 fly
Henry Duncan – age 11 fly
Millie Barrett – age 12 breast

This gala has TWO types of result – the first to be announced was the amazing sum of £2,250 raised for Footprints. Since this event started it has grown beyond any expectations thanks to all the hard work of Craig Day, supported by Rob Lambley. This year’s sum was a record donation from the club, with extra funds generated by our won coach Mary Bonner raising funds with a long distance open water swim, plus a raffle for amazing England football team prizes.

For the 32 individual races the B team swam an incredible 27 PB times, with the A team swimming 11 times quicker than PB times – a real positive for the club as we often saw the B team swimmer pushing the A team swimmer all the way.

After all 49 races the teams waited to hear the result of the gala – with the scores being read in reverse order as below –


Position Team Points
1 Burton (BASC) A 278
2 Etwall A Blues 182
3 Swadlincote A Blacks 167
4 Burton (BASC) B 156
5 Etwall B Slivers 97
6 Swadlincote B – Yellows 53


So local pride for winning was maintained by the BASC kids – and each team went up in reverse order to receive medals from the presentation party.

Team captains Brieana Shrive, Rosie Bolton, Harrison Jones and Jed Bavester led up our team of the more novice swimmers. So many of these kids were asked to either swim up age groups, do different strokes so that we could field two full teams. Every swimmer was fantastic and the level of improvement in terms of the depth at the club was clear to see.

After they all had their medals the captains collected the trophy and then we saw the usual team plunge and splash to celebrate the win. The 2018 Diddy team swam in 6 galas, they won 4 of them, winning 3 trophies and finishing the highest we ever have in the Diddy League – with the club now on an amazing 32 gala wins since 2014.

For the age 12 kids this was their last diddy gala for BASC playing a major role in lifting the club from the doldrums we were in back in 2013. Rosie Bolton, Issy Stanley, Max Sandle and Jed Bavester are the only 4 children from the 2015 diddy team to still have taken part last night. and for one last time yesterday they led by example and helped their younger team mates.

Massive thank you to the list below – sorry if I missed someone

Craig, Martin, Arno, Charlotte, Debbie, Bev, Kate, Steve, Sarah and Jason – for timekeeping and officiating
Rachel, Emily, Lee, Matthew, Fiona, Jenny, Rebecca and Jo for sending the kids to the races
Suzanne, Colin and Pete for the scoring table
Hannah and Kate for the entry table
Anita for the microphone duties
Brian, Mary, Andy, Matt, Immy, Sophie, Mary, Eve and Ailsa for coaching the kids on the night
Jean and David for hosting all the special guests
Chris and Dave for the shop as always!!!

But special thank you to the 75 kids – they all swam their hearts out – many getting a stroke they do not normally get or in a higher age just to avoid Speeding tickets or to fill the races. We had a number of kids missing last night but they all stepped up to swim for the team.

A great night for our club both in and out of the pool!!!!

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